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    Extract files not being refreshed on the server




      I am facing an issue when uploading my dashboard to server. I have created my dashboard by using 4 excel files and 1 sql server as data sources. I was sucessfully able to deploy the dashboard to server. However, when I open the same Dashboard in server, I am just getting the labels on the dashboard with no data in it.


      I went back and looked at the dashboard in my Tableau desktop, it was working fine. While mapping the data sources to my dashboard, I have used the extract option.


      Can you please let me know the possible reasons why this is happening?

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Could you elaborate a bit on "labels on the dashboard with no data in it"?

          Could you post a screenshot of how it looks?


          Loos like you have 5 distinct datasources, correct? Are all of them extracts? Are you using blending?

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            Phillip Overpeck

            If you setup the extract schedule when you published the dashboard, tableau will try to refresh every data source in the workbook.


            This means that tableau is going to try and find the 4 excel files and query them to refresh them. If you just use the file navigator to select those files, you likely just have a local machine path. Something like C:\Personal\<USERID>\Documents\Tableau Projects\Viz of the Day\file.xlsx


            Tableau server likely won't have this same file path and file available, therefore the server won't be able to refresh the extracts. Causing the extract refresh to fail for all of your data sources.


            To solve for this, your best option is to publish the 1 sql server data source as a tableau data source. Then replace the orginal sql data source with the one you just published to the server. (i recommend keeping a backup file for the data source so you can make changes later if you need to.) Then you should schedule the extract refresh just on the sql server source and not on the workbook.