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    Can not connect Tableau Desktop 9.3.5 to Tableau Server

    hoang anh truong

      Hi everyone,


      I am using Tableau Desktop 9.3.5 to connect to Tableau Server.

      When i go to Tableau server Sign In dialog ( Server -> Sign In...), it has only one field to enter, that is: Server:

      So, i can not connect to tableau server.


      i also try another version of tableau desktop (6.1.12), its Tableau server Sign In has 3 field, that is:




      And, I can connect to tableau server successfully.


      i can not understand why the Tableau Server Sign in dialog of Tableau desktop 9.3.5 is lack of information compared with Tableau desktop 6.1.12.

      (I also attach an image for comparison)


      And how can i connect to tableau server using tableau desktop 9.3.5.


      please help me to solve this problem.

      sorry for my bad english.


      Thanks and Best Regards,

      Hoang Anh.