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    Image not appearing in webpart but link works


      Dear all


      I am currently working on a dashboard showing key values for a given shop.

      Today the idea is that a user selects the shop he would like to see the info on and then the key figures appear.

      At the same time, I want a picture of the shop to appear. In the datasource I have a path to the picture for each shop.


      I created a webpart and an action but the picture does not appear. When I click on the webpart, I see that the URL of the shop's picture is here though. The path used is not an http:// url it is a path to our network with the path to the folder containing the picture (and the picture): \\ourserver.net\folder1\folder2\photo.jpg


      Is this why the photo is not appearing? The link works as I tried it.

      Thanks a lot!