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    Hi Team, Need help data functions

    rushendra sriram

      Hi Team,


      Currently working on the very urgent deliverable project need help in getting the calculation field for below requriement


      Data to be shown for month - 2, Current month,  month  + 6 very urgnet


      Thanks in advance...support





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          Stephane Marx


          It's pretty hard to give a proper answer without knowing the data set & the data type you have there. Attaching the workbook would help seeing clearer

          However if your date field is a date type in Tableau (little calendar icon ) which contains all the date (past and future) of your data set. Then you can create a calculated field based on the date field that would look like that:

          IF DATEDIFF('month',[Your Date field],TODAY())=0 then 'Current month'

          else 'Other period'



          Have a try with that first and see if it works

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            Toby Erkson

            These forums are not Tableau's professional support services, we are volunteers who work for other companies and come here when we can, answering what we want.  While there are some Tableau employees that answer questions they do what they can and are under no obligation to give preferential treatment.  If you issue truly is time-critical then please contact Tableau Support directly.