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    Tableau getting slow down when using Multiple Joins




      My source data sheet, Excel has 7 tabs and out of that 2 tabs contains records around 20K and other tabs around 1K each. As of now my tableau file has around 60 sheets and dashboards combined.
      I need to create multiple Joins here to link these 7 tabs.
      But when i created multiple joins, Tableau slows down (when i click on each of the dashboards , there is a Delay time in loading the dashboards)


      When i limit the number of joins to 1 or 2 , there is no delay time.

      I am not in a position to share the workbook because of sensitive data involved.


      Is it not possible to create multiple joins in Tableau with out causing delay time to load the dashboard?

      Any help on this will be highly appreciated...



      Abraham Peter