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    Chris Kimberley



      As a proof of concept I have set up 3 projects, 3 users, and 3 roles.


      I have an executive user (assigned to the executive role) that I want to give write access to its own project, and read access to the two other projects. 


      I have given the executive role Project Leader to the Executive project, and Editor of Workbooks.  All seems to be fine, I can view/edit the workbook within the Executive project.


      However, I am not having luck giving the Executive role read access to the other project workbooks.  Please see the image below.  As you can see I've given the Executive role View to the Development project and workbooks within.




      This is what I see when logged in as Executive user:




      As you can see, the Development and Problem Management projects do not let me see workbooks or views within.


      It seems as though I might have to explicitly go to every workbook and every view to edit their permissions, but surely this can't be the case.  Do permissions not cascade down from project to workbooks?  Can someone please help me understand how to easily manage these permissions?


      I simply want to be able to grant my executive role read access to any project, and all the workbooks and views within, without explicitly visiting each one.




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          Chris Kimberley

          Want to add another screenshot.


          These are the permissions of the workbook inside the Development project.


          As you can see I've set All Users to None.  Does this override the settings I set at the Project level?  If yes, how do I disable all users, but allow other users to access workbooks while settings Project permissions?



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            Phillip Overpeck

            Hi Chris,


            I think I can help you get the solution you are looking for.


            The way tableau works on permission is as follows:

            - If a users is granted permissions, that grant overrides any unspecified or denied in any other place. So the all user group being none will not affect your executive if he is granted permissions elsewhere.

            - Workbook only inherit project permissions if they are published to the project after the permissions are set, or if the project permissions are locked to the project level.

            - Workbooks that exist before permission changes to a project don't inherit the new project permissions

            - If you grant someone project leader access, they are automatically granted full access to everything in the project. This permission is inherited by all project content regardless of when it was added.


            Based on the above rules, and the screen shots you have provided, I am guessing you added the workbooks before you set your project permissions? If that is the case, the easiest way to push the project permission into the workbook is to lock the permission to the project level. This will push the project permission onto all of the workbooks. You can change this back at anytime and the workbooks will keep the project level permissions until edited at the workbook level.


            To lock permissions to the project level you just need to find the above button at the top right of the project permission screen and click it.


            Let me know if this isn't helpful and we can setup a call and screen share to go through all of this.


            Best of Luck,

            Phillip Overpeck

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              Toby Erkson

              Phillip, he's not using v9.3, it's a lesser version...looks like 9.2.


              Assign permissions to contents link.

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                Phillip Overpeck

                We are using version 9.2 as well and the project permission lock still applies. The assign permissions to contents is 9.1 and below.

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Setting All Users to None is correct. It means that anyone who is not a specifically named User or in a specifically named Group will not have visibility.

                  Is there content (a workbook) in each Project?  Just want to make sure there is something there.

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                    Toby Erkson

                    Chris Kimberley, Please post the version of Tableau Server you're using.

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                      Toby Erkson

                      Ah, this was throwing me:

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                        Chris Kimberley

                        I am using Tableau Server Version: 9.3.4 (9300.16.0708.1543) 64-bit

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                          Chris Kimberley

                          This worked.  I locked to the Project as suggested and now my Executive user sees all relevant workbooks and views.


                          Thanks so much for the help.