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    Line graphs showing wrong values for some calculated fields



      I have the below scenario and it's driving me crazy. I have a text box and I have a graph and they are the same values with the addition of "Running Total" on the Line Graph. In the Text box as shown,


      First red marked entry= 27

      Second red marked entry= 13

      Third red marked entry=First red marked entry-Second red marked entry=27-13=14

      Fourth red marked entry (percentage calculator)=Third red marked entry/Second red marked entry=14/13=1.08


      All the above four values show up in the TEXT box. But when I convert the same box into graph and add "Running Totals" , the "Fourth red box entry" is disappearing as shown on the RIght side Tool tip values marked by Horizontal line


      Same issue with the Blue colored marks as well which are averages. But this time, even the third entry is disappearing along with the fourth. Another difference here is that the third entry (difference in averages) is also gone along with the fourth entry (which is a percentage calculator).


      You can see the same difference in the Rev values as well which are the third column in the text box and the last 4 values in the tool tips values on the right.


      Looks like the line graphs as messing up wherever they are running into some division fields. How do I fix this? Appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.