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    Dynamic Ref Line/Parameters based off calculation

    Brian Zieser

      I know this may be something easy, however I am stuck on it.


      Currently we use a manually updated reference line to mark a Goal.

      We then track a running total of specific activity (completed on boarding's) and see how it performs to the goal (reference line)

      Each month I update the parameter that sets the reference line.

      As the months progress I am forced to make copies, remove parameters and add hard coded reference lines so we can track this historically.


      I would like to know if it is possible to make this dynamic as it is technically a calculation from 'last month/Quarter' Performance.

      To be exact this goal is 50% of the Count of new Customers from 'last month'

      And depending on the view I am looking at (Quarter/month/etc) - have the reference line change according to the calculation.



      A stripped down version of my workbook attached, any advice would be appreciated.