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    Level of detail calculation help

    Patrick T



      I made a sample data set with three variables: date, Animal (type), number bought (value).


      tableau example.PNG


      I am trying add percent of total bought to the tooltip (ie. chickens account of 37% of all animals bought for <date>). I would like the percentages to remain constant, if I filter an animal type out.


      I have been trying to set up a level of detail calculation for the denominator, but I'm not having any luck


      I tried: {FIXED [Date] : SUM([Number Bought)} but it returns the number bought for each animal type, exactly like SUM(Number Bought) gives


      I tried: {FIXED : SUM([Number Bought])} but this gave me the total number of animals bought ever, without taking date into consideration.


      I have attached a copy of the workbook. Maybe someone can lend a hand, and give an explanation of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.