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    Can a Datasource Be reused?

    Chris Kimberley



      A few things.


      1) I cannot find a way to edit an existing data source.  Please see the screen shot.  I would like to at least view what the data source called Jira Issues is comprised of.  However, I don't see any options to edit it.  I have 3 Worksheets using this data source and would like to edit the data source to utilize more database tables.




      2) Can I reuse the same data source with different workbooks ?  If yes, how can I create a workbook first and then point it to an existing data source?




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          John Sobczak

          You cannot edit published data sources on the server.  You would need to first "download" the published data source into Desktop and change the join definition there and then republish as new or overwrite existing published data source.

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            Joe Oppelt

            The way we do it at my site is that we have a "data source" workbook wherein we make and publish the data source.  Then multiple workbooks can link to that data source.  So yes, you can reuse a data source in multiple workbooks.


            And if changes need to be made to that data source, it's done in one place, and it will apply to all the workbooks that hook to the data source.


            So to start up a new workbook and hook an existing data source to it, when you are in a workbook, click "Data" from the top strip menu and select "New Data Source".   You get a pop-up box that lets you pick the type of data source:  Excel, Text, Tableau Server, etc.  Pick one and then satisfy all the questions it asks.  (Path name, server name, etc.)  And off you go!

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              Chris Kimberley

              Thanks John for this answer.  I will give this a try.


              Also, do you have any insight on my second question?  Reusing the same data source for multiple workbooks?  Can this be done?  If yes, how do I create a work book and then choose an existing datasource?