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    Publishing workbook to server changes date format

    David Denton

      I am running into an issue when publishing a workbook to Tableau Server. In desktop, the dates are formatted to display as mm/dd/yy. After the publishing, the date format becomes mm/dd/yyyy (screenshots below). I have ensured that the locale settings in desktop and server match. And I have tried various date formats in desktop, but after publishing a two-digit year always becomes a four-digit year. Any suggestions? I'm using Tableau Server Version: 9.3.0


      On desktop...

      Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.55.18 AM.png


      On server...

      Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.55.45 AM.png

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Where exactly do you change the format? Right-click on axis, then Format? Or default properties of this date dimension? Or, perhaps, someplace else?

          Is Desktop version 9.3.0 as well?


          Also, if you download published workbook locally and open it - what's the data format?

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            David Denton

            Date format has been changed via axis and date dimension properties. When I download the workbook from server and open on desktop, the dates are formatted correctly.


            Yes, Desktop 9.3.0.

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              Dmitry Chirkov

              What are you connecting to? File or database? (Not sure if that matters yet but there could be some differences when pulling data from a database, see here)


              I've tried both (against 10.0 and 9.3 Tableau Server) but unable to reproduce. Can you check attached workbook and see if I'm formatting it the way you do it?


              p.s. What do you have on the shelf? MONTH([Date]) or exact date meaning are those dates aggregated or you have only dates for 1st of every month?


              p.s.s. Do you have anything set under "File > Workbook Locale"?

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                Pierre Lutomski

                I was running into a similar issue on Tableau Server.

                Publishing a workbook to the server results in a different date formatting.


                The workbook is configured with the workbook locale "automatic (user locale)"(? - I am using the german version, so i don't excactly know how it is labeled in english), so that changing the language in the system (win7) should result in changing the language setting in Tableau...

                Tableau server (10.1) is set to german for both language and locale settings.


                Desktop-version (note the correct german month labeling...):



                Server-version (english month labeling):


                Also dates like 15.11.2016 (german) will be shown as 11/15/2016 on the server.

                When I download the workbook from the server and open it in Tableau (10.0), the german labeling is shown.

                When I download the dashboard from the server as a PDF and open it, the english labeling is shown.


                However the server should choose the german formatting because it is set to german when the workbook is set to automatic.



                When I change the workbook locale to "german" and upload this as a new workbook, the server will now show the correct (german) date formatting when viewing the dashboard in the browser and also when I download a PDF of the dashboard.



                In our company we basically use german formatting, so using multiple languages in one workbook is not an issue but I should not have to explicitly set the workbook locale each time I create a workbook that will be published.

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                  Paulo Dantas

                  Hello Pierre,


                  I have the same situation here and I discover there is a bug in Microsoft Excel 2007, check this out: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/894805/excel-number-format-what-is-409


                  What you can do it and what we are thinking to do is change in the Tableau Desktop the field, creating a calculated field.

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                    Thanks Pierre.


                    In summary change your locale settings (go to file>Workbook locale>  change from automatic to your actual country).