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    Apply User Filter from Server


      If I need to add a user to a user filter I add them in Desktop and then re-upload my workbook.  Instead, I would like to be able to edit User Filters from Tableau Server.  Is this possible?

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          khalid norat

          You need to add users to a user group on tableau.

          or Active Directory Group if you are using AD


          then the user filter should be amended to user group filter.


          This way you don't need to keep downloading and republishing each time you need to add or remove a person.


          You either need to add them to user group on server or add them to AD group on network.

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            I have a User Group of Directors.  Each Director is assigned a Sales Area.  The dashboard contains all Sales Areas, so the user filter controls which Sales Area a Director can see. 


            In this case, when I add a new Director I have to specify which Sales Area they can see.  With this setup in mind, does your scenario still apply or am I missing something?

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              khalid norat

              You will have to create individual groups for each sales area


              which might be too big of a task depending on number of areas.


              The other thing you can do is build in another datasource with manager names and their sales areas.


              then user filter formula should basically check which user it is and filter to show only their sales area.


              In other organisations I've had difficulty getting hold of a username table with up to date position and location

              due to HR holding this information and all the red tape in a large organisation

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                Ok, thanks Khalid.  For now I'll continue doing it this way.  Although I think editing User Filters from Server would be a handy feature.