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    Accessing and displaying a view's thumbnail using the API

    Test User

      Hi there,


      A Tableau newbie here - I am experimenting with the vizportal API and the REST API. So I want to show a list of views' thumbnails on a page.


      Using the REST API, the thumbnail endpoints returns a PNG that I need to save somewhere before displaying.


      Using the vizportal API, it appears that unless I am logged in to Tableau Online on another tab for the thumbnails to appear. I am pretty sure that it's because it requires an authented cookie or something from Tableau Online in order to load the thumbnail URLs on my page.


      If I want to use the vizportal API, what can I do to load the thumbnails via the thumbnail URLs? Is there a query string parameter that I can pass to the URL with the workbook_session_id or any auth token? Or is the only way to do that is by saving the thumbnails locally and then displaying them?