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    RANK_PERCENTILE and sets

    L Avi


      Why I can't use RANK_PERCENTILE function in set condition?

      When I try I get an error



      Also, I can't use calculated fields based on this function.

      Anyone have an idea why?

      Thank you.

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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Hi All,


          This by Formula section is still big mystery for me. How to use it? when use it? I have not idea what so ever. I tried to search the same in the tableau doc but it has very limited stuff. I just know that this section requires Aggregated and Boolean calculations.


          Please share resource of usage of this box and if someone know what does it is being called please let me know.


          (extremely sorry, but there is not way I can learn about this stuff.)



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            Simon Runc

            I just know that this section requires Aggregated and Boolean calculations

            Ashish is spot on here, on what is required to create a calculated set.



            Unfortunately we are unable to use Table Calculations (which are aggregates of aggregates) in a conditional set formula (RANK_PERCENTILE is a table calculation). The way we can create sets is similar to FIXED LoDs. The dimension the set is created against, is like the Dimension (the first part of the FIXED LoD formula) we run the aggregated calculation over, and the aggregated calculation is like the last part.


            So a set formula of (against a customer)

            SUM([Sales]) > 2000


            is the same as

            {FIXED [Customer]: SUM([Sales])} > 2000


            As these are calculated "off-canvas" (in that the aggregated calculation is run against the specified dimension, customer in the above example) , and as Table Calculations are dependent on the VizLoD we are not allowed to use them in LoDs or sets.


            For any RANK type formula we need to have the dimension in the VizLoD for Tableau to 'know' what level to run it over.


            ..I agree that it would be great to have some form of RANK in LoD (and Sets).


            If you can create a mock-up of what you are trying to achieve, I'm happy to take a look.

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