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    Cascading Filter to Selection

    Alberto Izarraraz

      Hi Everyone,


      Here's a tricky one. So I created a dashboard that is calculated by all the films that you select. You can see there are three sections (we can worry about naming later).

      Filters (section) -  is suppose to control only the Movies section. This gives the user a way to look through all the movies. Example, they want to see rated R then they select it and Movies only show rated R films.

      Movies (section) - This allows the user to look at the films and select whichever film they want. Any selection should go to List of Films Selected

      List of Films Selected (LOFS) (section) - This is just from the chosen film in the Movies section.


      Here's the issue. LOFS should not affect any of the Movies or Filters sections. Also, all films in LOFS should always be visible regardless of how it is filtered. Currently, the selected films filter out the Filters section.

      Also, regardless of how Filters is selected it should not affect LOFS. Again, another issue I'm running into.


      Has anybody done something like this? I appreciate any help. Been trying it for a while.


      filters for film.PNG