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    Aggregating Table Calculations

    Jordan Ketch

      Hi All!


      I have been having issues with trying to count (total) values that I have derived from a table calculation. I have tried a bunch of different methods to no avail.


      Attached are screen shots that show of the table with the values ("Yes") that I am trying to count, as well as the  calculations that I am using.


      It is possible that I am looking at this incorrectly, so any help is appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Joe Oppelt

          You should be able to do this.


          You have all your "Yes" values.  You can do a window_sum(if [whatever-calc] = "Yes" then 1 else 0 end)


          Something like that.

          Looks like you are working with sensitive data.  Your question would be easier to answer with a sample workbook.  Hack up a parallel data source in excel with bogus data that will allow you to upload an example similar to your actual workbook.  We can mess with it together if you can't figure it out from what I suggested above.