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    Peer average calculation.

    Charchit Joshi

      I want to create a Calculated measure to calculate the peer average. The worksheet has a filter to select companies for which I want to do such calculation.


      Problem Set: To calculate the peer average value ( Average of values for all companies except for the one selected in filter)


      Action So Far: I created a calculated measure using '{ exclude [Company]: AVG([Value])}


      However as against the expected result the calculated measure returns the values for the company selected in the Filter. I was hoping if I can calculated the average of values of the companies that are not selected in the field and plot it alongside the values of selected companies.

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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hi Charchit,


          I think using LOD with Exclude wouldn't accomplish your goals: LODs are designed to operate on entire dimensions, and not on individual values that are filtered in our out.


          I propose a different approach: self-join on Company. Then you can define a calculated field that should serve your purpose as follows:


          SUM(IF([Company (Sheet11)]==[Company]) THEN 0 ELSE [Value (Sheet11)] END)/

          SUM(IF([Company (Sheet11)]==[Company]) THEN 0 ELSE 1 END)


          Attaching a workbook that shows this approach. I named the calculated field I defined above PeerAvgByCompany. I dragged Date to Columns, the new calculated field to Rows, and Company to Color.


          Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

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            Charchit Joshi

            ThanksStoyko Kostov,


            Apologies for the delayed reply to this. Thank you for looking at the file. I will try to implement the solution in my project. If in case I come across any issue, will need your help again.


            Thank you