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    Burst Report and send personalised data via e-mail

    chan sing

      Hi All,


      Is there a way that we can achieve 'report bursting' in Tableau?


      To give a background, we have around 1000 sales agents. We want to send a Tableau report that we have created for Daily Sales to all of them in PDF format.


      1. None of these users have access to Tableau server (license constraints).

      2. Each Agent should see report only for his sales region.

      3. The report should be sent as an e-mail attachment.

      4. The entire process should be automated with no manual intervention scheduled to be run daily.

      5. The list of agents and their corresponding regions(s) are available in the database.


      I read in a couple of other posts about sending PDF e-mails but couldn't find anything that can cover all the above requirements.


      Thanks in Advance!


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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Chan,


          What on your list is not being ticked off through the various scripts you've seen? 

          1) Only one person needs access to Tableau Server (You are fine as the only one)

          2) You can use parameters to activate filters to show only a region for each sales person. Using parameters allow you to pass this in the URL, hence navigate through a series of batch scripts.

          3) No problem with sending these as an email either.

          4) Windows Task Scheduler is what you can use to automate these scripts

          5) Agents in a database is great. Should help


          Someone might provide a sample script but I don't think anyone is going to build it in its entirety for free. There are several consultants who might be able to do this rather easily if like though. Until then I can't really see anything that might cause an issue here other than the need for 1000 people. That's a lot of folks to need to build this for.


          Best Regards,

          Carl Slifer


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            Matt Coles

            Hi Chan. You may want to check out VizAlerts, a tool I and Jonathan Drummey have worked together to build. It is free and open-source. (edit) Just to clarify, yes, VizAlerts can do exactly what you need to do. Based on the data in a Tableau Server viz, it can automatically email PDFs of any other arbitrary viz(zes) to any arbitrary email addresses, whether they are Tableau Server users or not.


            Metric Insights may also be able to do this.

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              chan sing



              I've been away from Tableau for a while and just got my hands back on it and logged back into the community.

              First of all AWESOME work on VizAlerts! Really appreciate all the hard work you guys have put in!


              I no longer have this requirement as I've moved jobs since, but i am absolutely going to take a shot at VizAlerts and make sure I can put it to good use.



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                Matt Coles

                Thanks for following up! Hope it works well for you.