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    Tableau Object that fills up as a percentage

    Ivey Tayor

      Hi All,


      I'm a relative newbie at Tableau, but I'm not seeing what I'm looking for in my Tableau desktop (9.1.3).


      We have 15 or so Processes that consist of hundreds of individual jobs, and I'd like to present users with a viz of all 15 processes and what percentage they are complete.  For a process that's 20% complete, I'd like the object (maybe a box with rounded edges) to have the bottom 20% be green and the top 80% be red.  As the completion percentage rises to 30%, the next 10% turns from red to green, and so on...something like a thermometer.  Anything that's 100% done is 100% green.


      Anybody have a lead on how to do this?  Maybe somebody already built it and could let me have a version?


      The second thing is that we actually have a hierarchy of sub-processes, and i'd like to enable a process where a user can click on one process and the 5-10 sub-processes are displayed--again with the green vs red percentage indication.  Then when somebody clicks on one of the sub-processes we display all the actual jobs, with a different icon that can only be green or red.


      For the drilldown, i'm pretty sure i just need to create a hierarchy of Process to Sub-Process to Job, and Tableau will make that easy for me.  If I'm wrong about that, please somebody let me know.

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