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    How to remove some measure value from measure value filter

    darin petchnon

      Hi,  I'm Ann


      I found the problem about filtering from measure value. I do bar chart with 4 measures value (Sum trns View, Sum Trns Interest...

      I have 3 question below;


      1) How to show the bar chart following the value that choose from measure value filter.


      2) In the Measure value filter, could it possible show only List of value that I want? Actually, I would like it show only 4 value;


           As now, It's show all.



      3. When I removed some value such as Sum(Trns View), and I choose to show in chart again. It was show me with CNTD(Trns View) but I want to be Sum(Trns View). How to fix this?


      Please give me solution, I try to do so long time