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    Tableau packaged workbook

    Madhu Pimple

      I have a workbook which was stored online and it was connected to the data sources stored on the server.

      I downloaded that workbook online tableau and later I did save as and stored as packaged workbook twbx.

      But when I open that workbook(twbx file) I still see that its connected to the data source which stored on tableau server.

      And I see its shows that workbook is connected to online server. And the connection it shows as live.



      Can I use this workbook in any other tableau desktop? without connecting to any datasources?

      As I have heard that twbx files you can open it anywhere without have to connect to the data sources? and can be shared with any one.


      Can you please confirm the same? if the workbook can be stored as packaged workbook even though its data sources are not as extract and those are from tableau online