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    Create pie chart and use measures as dividers

    sunitha k


      I am creating a pie chart for only one dimension which is filtered in the worksheet. The dimension have 4 measures like critical, low, medium and high.

      I need to display those measures as percentages. I created a calculated field to get the percentage of each of the measures.

      I am unable to produce a pie chart for the same,

      Attached is the workbook. Please help. Thanks!

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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Sunitha,


          There's just a few steps now that you've done the hard part.


          1) Drag Measure Names to Filter Shelf and choose the 4 fields Percent Medium, High, Low, Critical and don't allow the others.

          2) Drag Measure Names to the Colour Shelf of your Marks Card

          3) Bring Measure Value to the Angle Shelf of your Marks Card


          You will probably want to also display the MN and MV as labels so bring those onto the labels shelf as well. Then you will need to format all four of your fields as %'s you can do this in the measures pane by right clicking, choosing default properties, choosing number format and then selecting percentage.


          In this case you could consider using a pivot as well. In this case instead of 4 columns, one each for high, low, medium, and critical. You would replace this with 2 columns one which would contain the old header names; high, low, medium, and critical and the other would contain their value. When doing this method you will not need to use MN and MV and instead could make a pie chart a bit more easily.



          Carl Slifer