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    Issue with worksheet as filter by using actions on dashboard

    Sabine Honer

      Hi All,


      I hope you are doing fine.


      Unfortunately I can't upload my Tableau file I am working on as it has confidential data in it.

      if it is necessary I will upload a test version here with dummy data.


      My issue is as follows:


      I have create six worksheets, that I use as filters by using actions on dashboards ( as described here: Creating Filters with Actions on Dashboards | Tableau Software )

      If I don't adjust the actions and I click on a filter other filters will show only available data records.

      But sometimes there are too many action and no data is show for a worksheet that is used as a filter.


      I have adjusted the actions, but now the filter displays all entries ( independent on the filter of 1 or more worksheet filters)



      For example:

      I have worksheets for vendor, category and subcategory.

      Without adjustments if I click on a specific vendor, only the corresponding category and subcategory will be displayed.

      Issue here is, that sometimes worksheet of subcategory doesn't display any entries ( because of actions, that are written to that worksheet).


      With adjustements I click on a vendor and all entries for category and subcategory will be displayed.

      Filter will work always as new actions will be added to worksheets.

      But I would like to get only filtered lists ( like as a dependent drop down menu in excel).


      Is there any way I could have the filters in a dependent way ( without losing by too many clicks the visibility of their entries)?


      In case my task/issue wasn't clear, please let me know.


      Best regards