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    Displaying SharePoint Lists in a Tableau Web Object?

    Jonathan Drummey



      I'm investigating the possibility of using SharePoint lists in a Tableau Web Object to enable a more dynamic, richer text display of annotations/commentary. For example a Tableau dashboard would have an area for a chart broken down by Region and then below that a web object would hold annotations like:



      • The fnord group's sales were up 50% this month
      • Baz had a 5% rejection rate, down 10% since last quarter



      • Biff is undergoing regulatory review, anticipated completion date in Q4


      I've got a few questions on this:

      - The general question is has anyone done this before, and if so, are there any pitfalls?

      - Is it as easy to use URL actions with URL parameters from Tableau to filter the SharePoint lists as it seems to be?

      - Is it feasible to create new list items via URL actions initiated from Tableau?

      - Are there any security and/or performance issues to pay attention to?