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    Color gradient to distinguish positive vs negative

    Roy Weckiewicz

      I have a very simple calculation on my color mark to check whether a delta calculation is positive or negative:


      If ([Difference])>0 THEN 'Positive delta'
      ELSEIF ([Difference])<0 THEN 'Negative delta'



      I'm using it for a circle view, with negatives sized with absolute value.

      However, I can only seem to get a single color for each, as in Blue for positive, and Red for negative. I'd like to have a red gradient for my negative values and a blue gradient for my positive values. Is this possible? If the user chooses to display values >=0 then I should only see blue gradients, rather than blue to red gradient for positive values, which seems to be the default behavior.


      Any ideas? Here's a quick mock-up from superstore.