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    A filter to hide data when it contains too few values/data points?

    T B

      Hi, I'm attempting to create a dashboard using proprietary/confidential data about private-company acquisitions (e.g. Google's acquisition of Nest; Facebook's acquisition of Whatsapp).


      Here's an example viz:



      It shows annual data from 2012. I'm trying to create a function that, when the sample size of deals for a particular year falls below, say, 5 deals, that year shows up as blank. The reason is that the terms of these deals are confidential, and a user could theoretically use a chart with a small sample size to decode confidential info about a particular deal if they can match up data from the chart with other details they're aware of. Also, data at such a low sample size wouldn't be informative.


      If you set the filter to show only deals with buyer types "US Private" and "US Private Equity", you see that the sample size for 2012 falls to 4 deals. Is there a way to cause that column to go blank because it has less than 5 data points?


      I tried creating a calculated field with:

      If SIZE() < 5 THEN "Too granular" ELSE "Okay" END

      And using it as a filter, but it is not working as expected. You can see it in the workbook if you download it.


      Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!