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    using the results of a vlookup in calculations.

    Pritesh Patel

      Hello everyone,

      I'm a first time poster.


      I have two files:

      • File 1, which I will call F1, is metrics from different websites, that I will be collecting.  I have roughly 50 metrics, and about 80 sites.  These metrics are either attributes or variables.
      • File 2, (F2) is a list of all these metrics plus limits to score each metric per site. F2 has three columns of data.  Column1 is the name of the metric, column2 is a lower limit, and column3 is an upper limit.  These three columns I have named as "Range" in excel.


      So basically, I want to look at metric M1, for site1 in F1 and be able to write the following type of code:


      If M1for Site1 < vlookup(m1, "Range", 2) then "1"

      Elseif M1 for Site1 > vlookup(m1,"Range" ,3) then "10"

      Else "5"



      I have attached the files here for your help.  Note that the data is dummy data just to illustrate my problem.


      I'm also new to tableau, and still trying to work and learn the system.


      Thanks for your help.