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    How to get last 6 months sales average

    Kevin Meng



      I am trying to develop a report which need to use 6 months sales revenue average , in my data source, i have monthly sales revenue, I guess I need to create a caculated fields to get the past 6 months average revenue.  at first, I use Table Calculation and seems the result are correct, but when I add a filter into the report, the calculated fields value is not what I need.


      This is the table calculation, it looks good:



      when I add a filter "isSelectedMonth", the report only show the selected month sales revenue, I hope it can show the average revenue of past month from my selected month, but the average revenue equal to the month revenue, seems table calculation only apply to data in the "current screen", not the whole data source it linked with.



      can anybody help me on this? I want to get the average 6 month sales revenue from selected month, the past 6 months' sales revenue are not show in screen, but they are in the data source.


      Highly appreicate for any help!!