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    Error when publish to Tableau Public


      I published workbook via Tableau Desktop to Tableau Public, it has error message "Tableau Public works with a maximum of 0 rows of data. The data in this workbook exceeds that limit"



      Please help!



      I try different PC and Laptop it has same error.

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          Paul Moran

          Hi Motoc,


          The messaged being encountered can often be resolved by re-publishing the workbook to Tableau Public by performing the following steps:


          1. In the Tableau Desktop toolbar click the "Server" menu

          2. Click Tableau Public > Save to Web



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            Tanat Tonguthaisri

            Hi Motoc,


            Which locale or region have you chosen in your PC and laptop experiencing this problem?
            If your system calendar is not currently displaying the year as 2016, please kindly change your calendar format so that the year is displayed as Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD).


            To elaborate, I previously had a similar problem for almost a year:

            The problem is the year format using Thai locale.
            Tableau doesn't understand the Buddhist Era (BE), which is 543 years ahead of Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD).


            For example, it is currently 2559 BE or 2016 AD.  As long as the system clock/calendar displays 2016, they should be fine.
            It was most likely that Mr. Wanchat also used Thai locale in his computer, displaying 2559 (BE), instead of 2016 (AD).

            Hope this helps.