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    Nested IFNULLs Crash Tableau

    Carlton Lee

      I'm trying to create a calculated field comprised of 27 other fields. Every case (row) will only have an entry in one of these fields, and the others will be null. Here's what the calc looks like, but longer:




      The calculation is validated by Tableau, but when I try to use the field or look at the data, Tableau crashes. Any idea what's going on?

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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Carlton,


          I would not be sure why your tableau is crashing. Are you getting an error report? The tableau dev folks appreciate when errors can be replicated and recorded. In this situation however I would venture that we do not need 27 fields. It sounds like something that would be taken care of in a data cleanup stuff. I say this because bringing in 27 fields to only have 1 count for each row is pretty rough to work around.  You can use other ETL tools to this before or within tableau you can edit your data source, use ctrl or shift+select to select all the 27 fields and then in the right corner choose pivot. This will change the data to instead of having 27 columns you will have two columns. They will be name (column headers) and the value. The last thing you would do would be to filter out the nulls from the value either in the data source filter or n each worksheet.


          Best Regards,

          Carl Slifer


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            Carlton Lee

            Hi Carl,


            No error report, just freezes up and have to force quit. Agreed that pivoting the data and removing nulls would make this more workable, but when I try to do this get this error:


            • Invalid field formula due to limitations in the data source.
            • Unable to create extract


            Not sure what's going on...

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              Carlton Lee

              Never mind, there was another filter that was tripping it up