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    Export Exact Trend Line Formula?

    Benjamin Greene

      Hey all, I'm wondering if there is a way to copy or export or even simply view an exact formula (or at least more precise than 5-7 decimals) for a generated trend line. I ask because, when working with polynomial trend lines of a high degree, the rounded values Tableau shows often are not precise enough to give the correct value when raised to the 5th power, for instance.


      For clarity, I have created an example of the issue I'm having in the attached packaged workbook. I generated a series of X and Y values and had Tableau calculate a 5th-degree polynomial trend line. I then copied the text in the Describe Trend Line box and used that formula to plot the Predicted Y values in the same chart with synchronized axes. As you can see, the predicted values do not line up with the trend line, even though they have the "same" formula.

      P-value:< 0.0001Equation:Y = 5.11757e-12*X^5 + -1.93172e-08*X^4 + 2.90941e-05*X^3 + -0.0218555*X^2 + 8.18894*X + -1224.37


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          Dmitry Chirkov

          We currently don't expose exact numbers used in these sort of calculations, sorry! (plus formatting is inconsistent between tooltip and Describe Trend Line dialog)


          Curious though - why do you have a need to replicate this formula?

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            Benjamin Greene

            I am working with cross-sectional data, so I was trying to see how someone's probability of Y occurring changes, given their value for X. So I fit a trend line using all the observations that I have both X and Y values for and was hoping to apply that trend line to those observations that I only have X values for, to get a predicted Y value. However, as you can see in the packaged workbook, the predicted values aren't coming out quite right.


            I ended up just using Excel's LINEST array formula to obtain exact coefficient values.

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              Carl Slifer

              Hi Benjamin,


              You're right it's a significant difference on a graph and its not a simple transformation.  I'm not the most skilled R programmer in the world in fact probably barely even considered an R anything. But this might be a case to link Tableau to R and to pull the calculated trend line data off from it, especially something as large and complicated as a 5th degree polynomial trendline to calculate. Have you looked into this route?


              Best Regards,

              Carl Slifer