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    Drilldown to Underlying Data

    Matthew Haggerty

      I can't seem to implement some functionality - and I apologize if I've missed a similar existing post on the topic.


      I'm basically trying to take this sample-data chart table:

                  June 2016 - July 2016   June 2015-July 2015 
      Sales       $1,000                  $500
      Units       500                     250
      Employees   20                      10

      And within the Tooltip, if I was to hover over Sales under June 2016-July 2016, I would like the following sample to display:

                      June 2016 - July 2016 
      North America   $500
      South America   $250
      Europe          $150
      Asia            $100

      I can't seem to get the second chart into the Tooltip without displaying the region directly in my top-level data. The intended top-level chart is going to just be a table with the ability to hover for region and eventually brand.


      Thanks in advance!