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    Dashboard Subscriptions

    Kyle Boyce

      Hey all,


      I have an Executive team that wishes to view the dashboard every morning (nothing extraordinary there). I would like to be able to "validate" the visuals before they go out to them, as we've had some issues in the past with some formatting "bugs"(my fault). I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for going about "pushing" a dashboard to them or being able to stop one from going out.


      Also I was wondering if we can set a schedule for specific date ranges of the month to publish to the subscribers. For example, I have some calculations that work by diving an aggregate by the workdays completed, but on the first day of the month the visuals don't show because you can't divide by zero.



      Thanks for your help!!!

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          Jennifer Lynch

          Here is a way to test subscription and you can run it before they go out manually.


          Test your subscription configuration

          As the administrator, use the following steps to test if you've correctly configured subscriptions.

          1. Subscribe to a view.
          2. In a site, click Schedules. On the Schedules page, select the schedule that contains your subscription.
          3. Select Actions > Run Now.
          4. In a few moments, the subscription should appear in your email inbox.


          You can always manually send out a subscription did not find a way to pull a subscription back once it has been sent.



          There is no way to set a schedule up on a date range, it is for specific days only.


          Thanks for the great questions!

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            Kyle Boyce

            Thanks Jennifer! I appreciate your time! How do you manually push to someones inbox? I saw Tableau 10.0 would allow you to subscribe people...

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              Jennifer Lynch

              You cannot manually push a subscription to someone else's inbox yet. You can test the view but subscribing to it yourself and push it to your inbox. This is so that you can see the view before others subscribe to it.


              You are correct that version 10 will allow you subscribe others to views. I can test this once it is released.

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