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    Retrieving Worksheet CSV data using cURL

    M J



      I am trying to integrate some Tableau data into an existing data pipeline. To that end, I would like to automatically retrieve the CSV data from the worksheet, which I can do in a browser by appending .csv to the URL path, as explained here:

      The Greatest Tableau Tip EVER: Exporting CSV made simple! 


      Since I want to automate this, I would like to retrieve that data using some scripting tool, for instance cURL. This answer in another post suggests that what I'm trying to do is feasible:

      Re: Tableau features


      However, when I try to do this, what I am getting is some HTML document that calls the Javascript API at: /javascripts/api/tableau-2.0.0.min.js. I assume that this javascript file in turn redirects the current page to the API path that actually generates the CSV data, or something like that...


      Does anyone have experience making something like this work ?


      I found this article that reports doing something similar with Selenium: Data * Science + R - Automatically Exporting Multiple Cross Tables from Tableau Server into Excel , but I would much rather avoid the overhead...

      Should I try to do this with tabcmd instead ?


      Thanks in advance!