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    Tabcmd: Refresh Extracts without saving password in batch file

    Dhruv Malik

           Hello All,


      I'm relatively new with Tabcmd and have a problem in front of me that I'm trying to tackle. We have quite a few data extracts that need to be dependent on external triggers in order to refresh, mostly on completion of SSIS jobs. I've looked all over the internet and have found various ways of running the tabcmd with a bat file. The problem with bat file is that you have to save the username and password in a text file, which is a huge security issue.


      Does anyone know of a way to refresh data extracts on tableau without having to save the password in a batch file and potentially not even saving a batch file somewhere. Maybe there is a way to launch tabcmd directly from SSIS and using Environment variables to save the password?


      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.