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    Internet Communication error: Transferred a Partial file

    Kiran Anumalla

      Hi All,


      Issue Description: I am facing “Internet Communication error: Transferred a Partial file” issue while opening the Tableau report. The view is being connected to a published data source(Live connection) and the data source is developed using PostgreSql query connecting Greenplum database


      Workaround tried:

      1. Downloaded the local copy of the data source and replaced the published data source in Tableau Desktop with a local copy. It was working fine
      2. Published the downloaded local copy back to Tableau Sever with a different name. Replaced the data source in Tableau Desktop with the newly published data source(Live connection), it is again giving me the same error.


      Tableau Desktop version : 9.2.2

      Downloaded the PostgreSql driver from the Tableau site.


      Could anyone please let me know the solution for this.




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          Dmitry Chirkov

          This is support case material.

          We'd have to dive into your Tableau Server logs and I'd rather not do it here (unless you are willing to share them around).


          Note that Tableau Server comes with pre-installed Postgres drivers so no need to install them on the Server.


          Just to keep this conversation going - do you have any other dashboard that are built against the same published datasource working fine?

          Also, does it work if you remove all the quick-filters from the viz?

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            Anthony Speziale

            Hey Kiran,


            Did you try muscling through it?


            I just ran into this problem, and was terrified I lost a lot of hard work.


            We seem to be working in a similar environment, published Tableau data sources, which we connect live to. All of a sudden, I received the error you mentioned.

            • I closed out the work book, and reopened. Same error each time.
            • It looks as though, when you hit OK, Tableau defaults to the open page similar to when you open Tableau. As opposed to opening up a previously worked on file.
            • From here, connect to Tableau Server. Do you notice your sheets/dashboards at the bottom?
            • I reselected my dataset, went to a sheet, and it looked like everything was there, with the addition of some new Tableau Server data sources that looked like:
              • First_Data_Source (with the blue connect icon)
              • First_Data_Source1
              • Second_Data_Source
              • Second_Data_Source1
              • tableau_intranet_com (with the red exclamation mark error).
            • From there I deleted all the undesired ones. Errors, and whichever had a '1' appended.
            • It took a little walking through to get everything to reupdate, but other than that, its looking OK so far.


            Let me know if that works/helps.