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      Hi ,


      I want the slider min selected value to match the text field in the dashboard.


      Can anyone advise why the value is different for every selection ?



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          Welton Barbosa

          Answering questions according to Slide Bar:


          Unit Price: It is not a Filter applied to the displayed worksheet, so it will not affect the view.


          Order Quantity and Sales are using slider based in range. In this point, the filter will get the next value, once is extremely hard to select exactly the value.


          I mean, the slider has a fixed step according to the values. It is not possible to have only Sales / Order Quantity values in a slider filter. We have values from $2 to $89061. Tableau calculates a default step and the filter starts from the selected value in the filter.


          What can be done is to edit the range values. It is possible to click on the left and right limit values and type the desired value.

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            Can this be done using parameters ? If so can you please help with the steps.

            Welton Barbosa

            khalid norat

            Simon Runc


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              khalid norat

              Hi Galaxy Tab,


              What you are currently trying to do is show the minimum value in your data between a range


              so for a range of 1000 - 2000

              minimum value in data could be 1011


              This is because your filter is a continuous value.

              I have changed this to discrete the filter does not look the same but will give you the value on filter as the value in sheet.


              Have a look and let me know if you have any questions.


              kind Regards,