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    Decimal precision when exporting to crosstab

    Scott Cullen

      I have a worksheet that I am publishing to Tableau server.  My measures will display with two decimal places on the screen, but I want to export to a crosstab and include all 12 decimal places.  In searching the forum and knowledge base, I have found a few possible solutions.  For example, the Tableau knowledge base article - Exporting Precise Data from Tableau Server | Tableau Software.  I tried setting my default number format in the measure pane to custom, 12 decimal places.  Then I updated the format in my view to be two decimal places.  I published to the server, exported to crosstab and it opened in Excel rounded to two decimal places.  I must be doing something wrong or this does not work with the export to crosstab.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have attached a simple example in a packaged workbook.  Thank you