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    How to Un-round a Tableau Measure

    Manasi Menon

      Tableau while calculating measures from the connected database is rounding off the original values. This is skewing up my data. Any idea how I could un-round the value or stop tableau from auto-rounding numbers?


      For example, one account has production hours for a product in the database as following:


      Day 1= 5.21

      Day 2= 6.22

      Day 3= 7.13

      Day 4= 1.33

      Day 5= 2.45


      Tableau when connected to the database automatically estimates a measure for that account called "sum of days" . The value auto-estimated for this measure by Tableau is 21 instead of 22.34 ( since it is rounding off the individual day's) . Conditional formatting of that " Sum Of Days" measure doesn't help. Since I cannot manipulate or format the individual day data, how do I stop Tableau from rounding values.