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    Fixing the line locations in a dashboard when using filter

    Harpreet Ghuman

      Here's my problem. I have these 3 sheets on a dashboard (apart from other sheets but these are the one in question here)

      stage 1.png


      Sheet 1 - A curve line worksheet on top with 5 curved lines each leading to a sports league logo (nfl, nba, etc.)

      Sheet 2 - A sheet showing these logos. This sheet is usable as a filter.

      Sheet 3 - A sheet showing vertical lines coming out at the base of each of these logos.


      Whenever I use any league logo, it filters the data on all the worksheets on this dashboard for that leagues data only. It works really well on the other worksheets in the dashboard on the right side (maps, bubble chart etc.). It works on the Sheets 1 and 3 too but it changes the position of the lines because the worksheet apparently reconfigures itself to show the relevant lines only. This messes up the dashboard because now the lines don't reach the right logo. This is the problem that I want to solve.


      stage 2.png


      Is there some way to leave only the lines related to the league visible (or even just highlighted more than the other lines) but not make the worksheet reconfigure itself. I could leave the sheets 1 and 3 unaffected from the Sheet 2's filter but I want only one color to remain on the dashboard when I select a logo.


      All help will be most appreciated!!


      Attaching screenshots.

      Screenshot 1 - Before selecting a logo

      Screenshot 2 - After selecting a logo (NFL in this case)