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    Managing Content: Pitfalls & Best-Practices?    .

    Kevin Cain

      I work in a group largely responsible for report and data delivery and my company installed Tableau Server in May.  We are getting to the point where we need to develop our team's development workflow.  I've gathered from much of what I've seen posted elsewhere that using Projects within the same Site is a preferred method for workflow (Development, QA, UAT, Production). 

      We currently have many frustrations with managing different versions of the truth that have evolved over the years across multiple reports ("why don't these sales reports match?").
      For this reason we've planned to use Published Data Sources from the server as our 'single source of truth' when building new dashboards.

      I've come to realize through recent experience (frustration) and forum posts that:

      • the old Development server and Production server separation to manage the workflow will be an exercise in tedium when having to promote workbooks/dashboards from the Dev server to Prod as we  intend to use published data sources
      • workbooks in more than one Project will all be updated if only the workbook in one Project is updated (the post that illuminated this for me indicated using prefixes or suffixes on the workbook/dashboard names published unique to the Project in which they reside)


      I'm very excited to hit the ground running with Tableau, but I keep finding nuances about it that worry me about making the right workflow.  Does anyone have feedback on things one should NEVER do and things one must ALWAYS do?  Are there pros and cons / must-dos and never-dos for:

      • Two server (Dev & Prod) method of development and promotion?
      • Projects (Prod server) management for development and promotion?


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as we try to ensure we steer our efforts in the right direction.


      Kevin Cain

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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Kevin,


          Some of the questions you're asking here are much deeper and have many more layers than a simple forum answer can assist with. It seems from your post that you've already looked through forums and blogs on the topic. This might be something you bring a consultant in for in order to better assist as the correct workflow might be based off of proprietary information. Sometimes you do X when you have a certain set of conditions and other times you might do Y or Z.  This is by no means a sales platform but I'm quite certain the company I'm part of or even our competitors in the area would be happy to have a more detailed conversation with you.


          Currently what you've posted is correct in a nutshell. Single source of truth = published datasource. However keep in mind that I can connect to this datasource and filter things off, change calculations, or add some and save over it if you give me rights to do so or save it as its cousin if you will with a slightly different name. 


          The pain in pushing from dev to prod is something that is a known  cause of strife and pain. InterWorks developed a tool to handle this grunt work for you. It also allows you to push without hassle and update datasources between different sites/servers/projects as desired. If you'd like to know more about this product or other offerings I would be happy to provide links or the appropriate introductions.


          Best Regards,


          Carl Slifer