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    Synchronise Client doesn't work

    Tuyen Nguyen

      Hi all, hope you guys can help me with my problem with refreshing published data sources.


      I'm experiencing difficulty in refreshing data using synchronise client.


      I have Tableau 64-bit installed on the same Database server (SQL server). 2 month ago, I tested synchronise client and it worked perfectly.


      However, the Sync client doesn't work now. After publishing the data source, I can schedule refresh, but the next day when I check the client, it says  the Last Update is Never and the Next Update is the time I set but in the past. For example, I schedule it to refresh every day at 2:00 AM, I check the client at 9:00 AM (let say 9:00 AM 1st August) and the Last Update is Never, Next Update is 2:00 AM 1st August which means 7 hours ago in the past. 


      One more thing to note, I can't refresh the data sources on  my Tableau Online Site. The "Refreshing" and "Test Connection" buttons are grey, not allow me to click.

      I can't refresh the data sources manually in Sync client either. Clicking the Refresh button in Sync client and nothing happen. Tested connection via Sync client and it said the "credential is valid"


      I tried several times, but same results, not sure what's happening.