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    Help with 40401 and 406 errors

    Katherine Howells

      I have been unable to connect to any data, I think since the last upgrade. Every time I try to connect to an excel file, I get errors. Errors are either of the following (with slight variations in temp file path and numbers of rows):

      Tableau Data Engine Error: 406: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\tmp84772289\SYS\SCHEMAS\SCHEMAS_NAME.data
      The table "[TableauTemp].['ALL output types$']" does not exist.

      Tableau Data Engine Error: 40401: Scan::Next: Mismatched row counts: Table has 361 rows: Column: [COLUMNPROPS_KEY] has 350 rows

      I have tried rolling back to an earlier version of Tableau. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version. I have tried clearing the windows temp folder. I've also tested connecting with a simple excel sheet with just a few rows, but I still get both errors.

      I have no idea what to do next - please let me know what you think might fix it!


      (Please try to keep advice in non-technical language if possible, I am still learning this software)

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