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    Using separate filters on Individual Measures


      Hello everyone, first time posting.


      I have been trying to create sparklines with the KPIs right beside the chart. However, I want to apply separate filters to the KPIs and the chart. The issue I face here is that the two filters I want to apply, the order and ship dates, cannot be applied seperately to the sales, profit measures and to the chart respectively.


      I have posted the file to this thread. The data I am using is the sample superstore data so I'll apologize beforehand for the look as I constructed it very quickly (this is a sample I put together).


      In the file have, I have two separate filter tabs highlighted in red with more explanation. I also have a dashboard that combines two other tabs but the issue with that approach is that the two views are now in sync.


      Is it possible to create separate filters with these two approaches or is there another method I'm not aware of? I have tempered with calculated fields before but I had trouble filtering for a specified range for example.


      Note: the date ranges chosen here are totally random and are used as an example.


      Thank you!