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    Reference lines for FY and YTD

    phil phil

      Hi all,

      I am facing the following issue and do not find the solution and this is driving me nuts.


      I am working with 2 different measures: Sales FY and Sales YTD. Both of them are grouped under the same Customer.

      I have added 2 references lines, one for Target FY and one for Target YTD.

      I have also created a True/False measure to color the bar in green if Sales is higher than Target.


      My issue is that both reference lines are displayed on both bars. I would like the black line to be only on the top bar and the grey one to be only on the bottom bar.

      Also, the color depends only on one bar. Actually, the top bar should be green and the bottom bar should be red.


      Any idea on how to solve these 2 issues?

      Should I go with a parameter? If I do that, it will display either FY or YTD but not both at the same time as I would like.