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    One vs Many that share same dimension

    Jacob Kreider



      The attached example workbook has two tabs- one called 'One vs All' that uses a parameter and corresponding filter to compare error rate % of one game with that of all games.


      I am also trying to compare the game selected with the parameter/filter to only other games that share the same price (TicketPrice).  I tried this a few ways.


      First, I created a price select parameter and filter, but that forced me to have to change both the parameter to the game I wanted plus also change the price parameter to the corresponding price- an extra step I would like my end users to be able to avoid.


      Then, I tried creating a calculated field using LOD expressions instead of feeding a paramter into the Price Select calc field, but I have no idea what I'm doing with LOD expressions.


      All I can manage to get it to do is either compare one vs a single price that needs to be manually selected, or compare one to every other price individually, with all showing on the chart.


      How can I filter the comparison group to only those products with the same dimension as my target game?


      Thanks for any help.