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    Setting a starting value for Running_Sum calculation


      Hi All,


      I'm using a running_sum calculation to subtract two Measures for each month. [Opened]-[Solved] which should return the number of Outstanding calls.


      I need to know if it's possible to start the calculation at a specific value i.e. I need it to start with the value of 27, and then it can continue with cumulative count. See table below:



      [Outstanding calls] * this is what the calculated field should return1661583

      I've just added this row to show you how how [Outstanding calls] calculation should be calculated.

      It's using the previous months [Outstanding calls] value as a carry over for next months calculation. As October has no previous months, I need it to start with 27, as a 'fabricated' carry over.



      The months is [date] dimension to be used in the Columns shelf.


      Hope this makes sense. Please let me know if further info is required.


      Thanks in advance.