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    Parameter/Filter Pair Controlling Another

    Adam Borenstein

      I know it is possible to have one filter control another (using context filters or "only relevant values") is this possible with parameters as well?


      In my workbook I have a network diagram with nodes (individuals) and relationships (the connections between individuals). I have a parameter/filter pair (Relationships and Relationship Filter) set up to isolate the chosen node and show its first degree connections (see "Relationships" sheet).


      I have a separate parameter/filter pair (Top N and Relationship Split 1) that is used to visualize the top x number of nodes (and their direct connections) given what is placed in the parameter. In this case, it was set up to show the top 8 individuals based on the number of connections they have.


      I need a way to combine these two sheets into one (Combined sheet), in which the top N parameter/filter can be easily turned on and off without having to remove the filter from the shelf. One idea I considered was writing a formula into the "Relationship Split 1" filter such that it only runs when the dropdown from "Relationships" is set to "Rank Filter". Does anyone know how to format a line of code to implement this functionality?


      Additionally, each node has been given a rank in the network. The rank in the future will have meaning, but for the sake of this example their rank is equal to their node ID (which is arbitrary). For some reason, when Rank is chosen as the qualifier (Top N Rank sheet) for the "Relationship Split 1" filter, it does not work correctly. when I choose "By field: bottom top N by Rank Average", and set the parameter to 1, I am shown node ID 5. When the parameter is set to 2, it shows node ID 5 and 19. In these cases it should show Node ID 1, 1 and 2, etc. Why might this be happening? The filter seems to work just fine when using "connections" as the qualifying measure.