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    Linking parameters together

    sultan shahrukh

      Dear tableau members!



      I am currently trying to do an analysis and I am having some problems. I have made a union of 4 csv files . Each file has a large data set with common divisions(labels,gamer,date,count).  My aim is to compare different data sets with each other in terms of the date. The count in each set is different. My approach towards this is making two parameters (Gamer 1 and Gamer 2) for selecting the data sets I want to compare . After I have selected the data sets , I want to set the date also for each set which could be any date (start/end date Gamer 1 and start/end date Gamer 2).
      The problem I am having is in connecting the dates to their respective data set parameter. Any ideas how this might be done?Any help,ideas and tips would be greatly appreciated.

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