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    After Using Sheet as a Filter, revert back to previous choice, not "All"

    Joshua Leviton

      Hi Everyone.


      I'm wondering if anyone has a solution for an issue I've found with the "Use As a Filter" option for a sheet. I have one calendar view that displays all unique events (bottom viz in the first picture below) that I want to use as a filter to update the rest of the sheets on the dashboard, which works fine (see image 1). The problem is that when I un-select one of the bars (i.e. when I take the filter off), the sheets default to trying to show all of the data, which makes the rest of the dashboard essentially meaningless until the user selects another option (see second screenshot below). Does anyone have any tips on how to disable the (All) option within this filter? Thanks!


      Note: The words on the dashboard might be confusing, but think of each "Parsha" as a customer and how I'd want to be able to filter by customer.


      Screenshot #1: When I click the bottom visual to filter the rest of the dashboard, everything works and updates fine.

      Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.08.29 PM.png


      Screenshot #2: When I de-select the option, the rest of the dashboard starts using all the data, which makes meaningless visuals (see top 3 viz's)

      Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.08.42 PM.png